Friday, May 22, 2009

[Lori Devoti] AMAZON INK

Amazon Ink, the latest novel from Lori Devoti, will be on shelves this Tuesday, May 26th - I've already got my copy reserved!

Lori's first urban fantasy is already garnering rave reviews:

"Gifted Devoti adds urban fantasy to her growing list of genres with the launch of a gritty first-person series featuring modern-day Amazons. Secrets and stubbornness impact all the major players in this dark drama/murder mystery. If this book is any indication, Devoti has a brilliant future ahead in this genre!

~ Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine (4.5 Stars!)

"This intriguing series from urban fantasist Devoti (Dark Crusade) marks Juno’s first outing as a Pocket imprint. A group of Amazon women in present-day America closely guard their extraordinary powers and only interact with men for breeding. Melanippe, who left the Amazons 10 years ago to raise her daughter, runs a Madison, Wis., tattoo parlor and nurses a grudge against the priestess she believes killed her infant son. When two Amazon women are slain and dumped on Mel’s doorstep, their tribe immediately suspect her of the killing. Mel soon wonders who poses the greatest threat to her adolescent daughter: the unknown murderer, the rigidly controlling Amazons or disturbingly attractive and magically skilled tattoo artist Peter Arpada. Mel can be a frustrating sleuth, jumping to conclusions and ignoring obvious clues, but Devoti’s fascinating mix of myth and reality will keep readers engaged."

~ Publisher’s Weekly


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