Thursday, August 6, 2009

[Christina Dodd] Christina Dodd Talks About Her Funniest Mistakes

I read this post last week and couldn't stop giggling, then went back again today for another chuckle. So, I thought I'd share.

Excerpted from: Christina Dodd Talks About Her Funniest Mistakes blogpost on Monday, July.

"I have been published for eighteen years. On August 4, my thirty-nineth full-length book, STORM OF VISIONS, is on the shelves. I’m not bragging (well, only a little), just giving you a framework for my blog.

Because last year, I wrote a scene in INTO THE FLAME where the hero sees the heroine for the first time in two and a half years, and startles her. The line I wrote was, “She didn’t jump, he’d give her that. But Firebird Wilder had always had balls of steel, and she showed them now as she coolly turned to face him.”

I am a professional. Don’t try this at home.

In INTO THE SHADOW, my heroine stumbles onto the hero sitting in the Japanese garden. He jumps to his feet and says, “Is this your private place? Should I leave?” and she says, “No, it’s okay, my private place is big enough for the both of us.”"

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