Friday, September 4, 2009

WRITER'S MOMENT - Christina Dodd

Check out Christina's 'Top 10 Points Of Wisdom' at the Squawk Radio Blog as she shares insights gathered during her last 18+ years as a successful author who's published an amazing 40 books.

Love the humourous and heartfelt advice such as:

"9. From my vantage point, everyone in publishing is doing better than I am. From everyone else’s vantage point, I’m doing better than they are. The truth is somewhere in between — and an author who’s published is not going to get any sympathy at all from an unpublished author who’s written for ten years, finished three manuscripts and has twenty-five rejection letters. Believe me. I know. I was that author.

8. Editors are sometimes right.

7. How well an autographing goes is not an indicator of how well your career is going. Thank God."

Check out the whole list here:

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