Friday, October 23, 2009

Writer's Moment - Toni McGee Causey

It's easy to get so swallowed up in the business of writing that an author neglects the skill and craft that produces a truly quality read. That's why Toni McGee Causey's solid, well-grounded advice in her blogpost '10 Things I've Learned' at strikes such a chord.

Since all 3 books in her well-reviewed 'Bobbie Faye' series (including Charmed and Dangerous, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns & When A Man Loves A Weapon) were released in paperback this past summer, Toni may just have an idea about how to succeed in the industry. I was very impressed with her observations and how she communicated them.

A few fundamental truths she noted about writing and creativity:
  1. A strong writer isn’t afraid to toss out a good idea.
  2. To enrich the full experience, you sometimes have to hold back a part of it for delayed gratification.
  3. Use juxtaposition to frame the quality you care about.

Read the entire post here.

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