Friday, November 20, 2009

[Annette McCleave] BOUND BY DARKNESS / Book 2: Soul Gatherer

I am a big fan of Cover Art and have been known to pick up a book based on the cover alone. (Reading is visual, covers are visual - I think they complement each other. And I'm sticking with that story.)

So I was thriled to see that Annette McCleave has posted the cover for her upcoming Soul Gatherer novel, Bound By Darkness. The Cover Gods are smiling, and so am I - love it!

This is the second book of the series following Drawn Into Darkness, which was the 2008 Golden Heart winner for Best Paranormal Romance (under the title Soul Provider).

Cannot wait for BBD which releases in May 2010!

Here's the synopsis from her website:

Soul Gatherer Brian Webster has long lived with the guilt of failing to save his teenage sister. When another girl dies in his arms protecting an ancient coin from a demon, he takes up her cause. The coin is one of the thirty pieces of silver Judas received for selling out the Son of God. United, the coins are a dark relic of immense power, and in the wrong hands, they could destroy civilization.

Lena Sharpe is on her own mission to find the Judas coins. A Soul Gatherer by day and a thief by night, she’s negotiated the most important deal of her life. When a brazen warrior intervenes and kidnaps her to obtain the coins, she repeatedly attempts to escape. But Brian is unrelenting, fearful that the beautiful felon has made a pact with the devil himself. And he’s not entirely wrong.

Bound together by burning desire and a similar darkness in their hearts, Brian and Lena race against time to recover the missing coins. But as the truth behind Lena’s bargain surfaces, Brian is faced with a desperate choice — save the one, or save the many.


  1. The cover is ubber sexy.

    I see that you have J Frank's books, I loved Rapture one of the best books she's written so far save Jacob from her Nightwalker series!

  2. Gotta love a great story w/ a sexy cover!