Thursday, January 21, 2010

Every so often I need a lighthearted romance with larger-then-life characters, an entertaining storyline & lots of laughs - and if there's ahot, virile Viking involved, even better!

So I'm excited to to see that Viking in Love, the latest in Sandra's 'Viking I' series will hit shelves on January 26th.

Here's the story:

All Lord Caedmon of Larkspur wants, after nine long months in the king's service, is a bit of peace...not five bothersome Viking princesses who invade his keep, especially not the fiery redhead, Breanne. He has half a mind to kick her tempting arse out the door...but wait...he has a much more wickedly delightful plan for this thorn in, side.Princess Breanne of Stoneheim is shocked at Larkspur's rundown condition with servants and children running wild whilst Caedmon lies abed after a night of mead and, no doubt, wanton bedsport. Breanne must endure the loathsome lout to protect her four sisters. She can hardly imagine what this knight will demand of her in return.

You can read an excerpt here.

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