Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[Lori Devoti] AMAZON QUEEN / Book 2: Amazons

I'm so excited for the April 27, 2010 release of Amazon Queen! This is book 2 in Lori's 'Amazon' series following the hugely popular Amazon Ink.

The series is set in modern-day America where millennia-old Amazon traditions meet the challenges of the age of technology.
Here's the synopsis for Amazon Queen:

Amazon queen Zery Kostovska has never questioned tribe traditions. After all, these rules have kept the tribe strong for millennia and enabled them to live undetected, even in modern-day America. Zery is tough, fair, commanding–the perfect Amazon leader.
At least, she was. A new high priestess with a penchant for secrecy and technology is threatening Zery’s rule. Plus, with the discovery of the Amazon sons, males with the same skills as their female counterparts, even Zery can’t deny that the tribe must change. But how? Some want to cooperate with the sons. Others believe brutal new leadership is needed–and are willing to kill to make it happen.
Once, Zery’s word was law. Now, she had no idea who to trust, especially with one powerful Amazon son making her question all her instincts. For Zery, tribe comes first, but the battle drawing near is unlike any she’s faced before…and losing might cost her both the tribe and her life.

If you haven't already read Amazon Ink, I suggest you get your copy soon. Here's what reviewers had to say:

“Gifted Devoti adds urban fantasy to her growing list of genres with the launch of a gritty first-person series featuring modern-day Amazons. Secrets and stubbornness impact all the major players in this dark drama/murder mystery. If this book is any indication, Devoti has a brilliant future ahead in this genre!”
~ Romantic Times Magazine, Jill M. Smith (4 Stars) Read Full Review

…fascinating mix of myth and reality…“…Devoti’s fascinating mix of myth and reality will keep readers engaged.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly

“The storyline itself is totally memorable with so much intrigue and a myriad of questions needing answers. As each disclosure of the many mysteries is divulged, I was held engrossed by every fascinating revelation. Lori Devoti has crafted an outstanding urban fantasy with strong characters plus creative writing, and I cannot wait to read more about this believable world. AMAZON INK is an enchanting novel brimming with mystery, emotion and an abundance of magic.”
~, Amelia Richards (5 Stars) Read Full Review

…an intriguing tale…“Ms. Devoti pens an intriguing tale with a legend brought to life in a modern day world. Amazon Ink has murder, mystery, and magic that will keep readers engrossed in the story until the very end.”
~ Darque Reviews Read Full Review

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