Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CONTEST - Literary Escapism Gives Away SPEAK OF THE DEVIL

Literary Escapism poses an excellent Question - Does a 'Tramp Stamp' book cover affect whether you buy that Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance novel?

CONTEST - LE's giving away a copy of Jenna Black's Speak of the Devil, Book 4 in her Morgan Kingsley series. Just click the link below to go to their site and answer the question:

What novels have been grossly underappreciated due to the Tramp Stamping trend? For all those “meh cover, story not worth it” attitudes, what have they missed out on?

The contest is open to everyone, so everyone overseas can join in the fun as well. However, you must answer this question in order to be entered. No answer, no entry. It’s as simple as that.

Read the post and enter the contest here:

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